About Coppice Crow

Our story


Tony started Coppice Crow in 2010. He comes from a very long line of estate workers moving into Charnwood Forest in the early Victorian era. 

As a wildlife conservation volunteer he gained qualifications, updated skills and knowledge which contributed to a portfolio of learning and experience covering wetland development, boundaries, drainage, pathways, access points and woodland management.

Later, Tony studied land management at Nottingham Trent University leaving with a double distiction and an award for best practical student.

Since starting the business Tony and his team have worked with several partners on woodland restoration projects, barn builds, and timber sales.

A large part of Coppice Crow's work is in training and education and it is hoped that a permanent base will be found soon in order to develop this side of the business.

Coppice Crow is dedicated to bringing old and new woodland into sustainable production in order to conserve these sites and the wildlife found there. 

Coppice Crow is a member of Peaks and Dukeries Green Woodworkers Group and an founder member of the East Midland Coppice Network.