Woodland management.

New or ancient woodland? Working in new planting areas of the National Forest, Coppice Crow have become experienced at first thinnings, formative pruning and first harvesting of coppice and establishing sustainable rotation schemes. Difficult terrain is not a problem.

From surveys and planning to planting and planking, Coppice Crow offers a complete service. Whether you wish to increase commercial value, comply with grant conditions, maximise wildlife conservation benefits or make a sustainable income from your land we can help.

We are used at working with new land owners, local authorities and conservation agencies in creating and conserving beautiful British woodlands.

Underwood and coppice is always sought.

Timber trading.

Coppice Crow and it's partners are able to buy or sell your timber for you. Coppice poles, fire wood and planked timber is always in demand. 

We offer the complete service from felling to forwarding and extraction. On site milling is also available.

Hedge laying.

We have layed hedges on HLS schemes and on SSSIs, road-side and on top of ditches. The trickier, the better.

Bring your hedgerows back to life the traditional way. Grant work is welcomed.




Dry stone walling.

Wherever the wall, whatever the stone, drystone walls are historic features in our upland landscapes. Important habitat for wildlife and unrivaled in the protection of stock.

If you can build a wall of Charnwood granite you can build a wall anywhere!

Call us for a free quote. 


Coppice Crow have miles of experience of fencing. Post and rail, cleft oak or ash fence, continual woven hazel fencing and stock fencing. 

Here we are planting a new hedge behind a protective single line fence of barbed wire.

Big or small jobs welcome. 

Green wood products.

Most of our furniture and charcoal is sold at wood fairs and shows throughout the Midlands but commissions and orders are welcome


Try our BBQ charcoal made in British woodlands managed for sustainability and wildlife conservation.

Charcoal is great for the gardn and helps keep snails and slugs at bay.